DHK: La Krudeza No Muere 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Debut LP from this band from Lima, Peru who have had a couple of well-circulated demos and a 7". The demos in particular were super, super primitive raw punk... definitely in the Discharge vein, but with a completely different approach to "rawness" than most 1st-world bands. Things get polished up considerably for this LP... it's still raw, but the guitar sound is thick, the mix is more even and the mastering job is big and punchy. Still the riffs are simple, straightforward and brutal... I'm a little flummoxed as far as comparisons go. The vocals sound quite a bit like the recent Ilegal LP, and the music has an early 80s European feel to me for some reason. At any rate, this band can do no wrong in my eyes and it's on the great La Vida Es Un Mus label so you know you're getting top-shelf stuff here. La Vida Es Un Mus

Tags: 10s D-beat Latin America noisy peru spanish-language