Devious Ones: I'm Allergic to You 7" (new)

East Grand Records


Our take: Debut single from this new '77-inspired band out of Detroit. Odds are that if you're a fan of Sorry State favorites Rough Kids you'll quickly understand where Devious Ones are coming from and probably fall for them as quickly as I have. Like the Rough Kids, they play a kind of amped-up, slightly darker take on the '77 style that warrants comparisons to the Observers and Red Dons just as easily as the Boys or the Buzzcocks, and again like Rough Kids the songs are imbued with a little extra spice from some cool, Johnny Thunders-inspired lead guitar. The graphic design certainly leaves a bit to be desired (drop shadows and cheesy Photoshop filters, oh my!), but the music 100% rocks.
Tags: '77&KBD 10s melodic midwest recommended