Devil's Hand: Welcome the Slaughter 7"

Vinyl Conflict Records

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Second release on the newly-resuscitated Vinyl Conflict record label. Richmond's Devil's Hand play some burly Motorpunk, but it's a little different than the more Discharge-inspired bands like Inepsy or Deathcharge. It does sound quite a bit like those bands (as well as Motorhead, of course), but if you want to get an idea what this is like, switch out the Discharge influence in the above-mentioned bands for something a little heavier and more hardcore... I'm tempted to say Cro-Mags, but that probably brings about some unhealthy associations. At any rate, this is tough, mean hardcore with some rockin' riffs and burly vox... strong stuff. Vinyl Conflict Records

Tags: 10s D-beat richmond USA USHC yoobl