Destruction Unit: Negative Feedback Resistor 12" (new)

Sacred Bones Records


For two years now, the psychedelic Destruction Unit has been keeping the world waiting for a new album. And it's not because they've grown up or gotten soft, rather because they've been in the streets and in your backyards, pushing the freek agenda and imminentizing the alien-eschaton. They've been up and down and all around this globe, battling the greedy club owners, show promoters and control pigs to bring the new American heavy underground through your back door. Now here we are, with the psychedelic Unit's second album for Sacred Bones, Negative Feedback Resistor.

Our take: Man, I don't envy the marketing department at Sacred Bones... Destruction Unit is heavier than most hardcore bands, trippier than most neo-psych bands, and catchier than just about any garage band out there... so how do you market them? As the best damn band in the world? I dare say they have a claim to the title. Their live show has been peeling my face back for several years now, but Negative Feedback Resister is nearly as intense as the whirlwind of distortion and feedback that constitutes a typical DU set. Stooges-inspired rhythms, layers upon layers of guitar all skittering in different directions, and a dense but not claustrophobic sound that just seems to wash over you... this is, quite simply, brilliant. Don't be surprised when this pops up all over Best of 2015 lists, because Destruction Unit are up there with Total Control as far as being one of the most distinctive and engaging current punk bands in the world.
Tags: 10s garage indie noisy psych punk recommended