Despised Icon: The Ills of Modern Man 12" (new)

Century Media Records


Montreal, Canada death metal pioneers Despised Icon was formed in 2002 and released their first album, Consumed By Your Poison in the same year. In 2003, the band made a career defining decision as original drummer Alex Erian took on the lead vocal duties. Alexandre Pelletier was brought in on drums and the band quickly returned to the studio to record the Syndicated Murderers EP.

2004 proved to be a turning point in the young band's career, as it marked the release of their split with Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus on Relapse and later a worldwide deal with Century Media. The Healing Process was released in 2005 and numerous tours with Behemoth, Hatebreed, Morbid Angel and Napalm Death ensued.

In 2007, the devastatingly heavy yet gooving The Ills of Modern Man followed, which saw the band reach new heights and greatly expand their fanbase from North America to Europe, heading over there three times on that touring cycle plus playing such major US tours as Summer Slaughter 2008 and others.
Tags: 00s metal reissues