Descgraciados: Humanidad En La Obscuridad 7"

Deranged Records


Fast and intense hardcore en Español from Calgary/Vancouver, with glaring influences such as YDI, IV REICH or ESKORBUTO. DESGRACIADOS was born out frustration and despair, taking a firm stance against the structures that oppress. It is an anti-authoritarian, anti-everything message that will not stand for false leaders or promises. Split release with Mind Control Records.

Our take: Debut EP from this hardcore band from Canada. While the label drops an Eskorbuto reference in their description, I don't hear a lot of that classic, Clash-style Spanish punk influence here. If anything, I'd say that Desgraciados sound more like recent Spanish hardcore bands like Glam and Una Bestia Incontrolable. Like those bands, despite the fact that they're playing fast and angry hardcore (for the most part... the last track is more of a mid-paced stomper) there's this very slight prog vibe to the way that they put songs together. I'm probably the only picking up on that, though, because the YDI reference that Deranged drops is pretty accurate. A ripper, and I have to note that totally sick, classic-looking layout as well.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended reissues spanish-language yoobl