Der Stab: Tracers EP 1982 7"

Negative Jazz


Finally pressed and out now on Negative Jazz/Elective Affinities, unreleased 1982 classic has finally been pressed.
2 song killer from LA/OC legends Der Stab.

Our take: Der Stab is an old LA punk band whose name I recognized from a few old flyers, but I'm pretty sure that I hadn't heard them until now (though the two tracks on this single were compiled on Killed by Death #13). It's hard to get a read on what they were like as a band from these two tracks, particularly since these recordings feature both Rikk and Frank Agnew of the Adolescents. According to the liner notes, they were only in the band for a day, learning these songs in the studio in order to document a band that had already dissolved after the previous guitarist and bassist had left. And holy crap to the Agnews place their stamp on this material, particularly on the a-side, "Tracers." "Tracers" straight up sounds like a long-lost Adolescents song. It's super short and very fast (shorter and faster, in fact, than most Adolescents songs), but that insanely catchy bass line, the catchy, snotty vocal, and (most of all) Rikk's searing guitar solo place this among the brothers' best work. Seriously, this track is a jaw-dropper! The b-side, unfortunately, is kind of whatever, a mid-paced dirge that doesn't really go anywhere. However, "Tracers" is more than worth the price of admission on its own. Throw in some period-appropriate artwork and brief but informative liner notes and you have a killer archival release.
Tags: 80s hardcore melodic punk recommended reissues ushc