Demonbrother: Beyond The Veil 12"

Iron Lung Records


I have to say that these days I'm pretty much 100% over anything that gets labeled power violence, but if anyone can bring me to the table to check something out it's Iron Lung Records. I have to say, though, I doubt I would have called this debut LP from Demonbrother power violence if the label hadn't mentioned that in their description... there's almost no blasting (maybe there isn't any at all), and the "noise" bits (i.e. the parts that don't rely on a standard drums-and-guitar setup) are at least as important (if not more) as the more straightforward bashing. I suppose you could call this power violence, but it's much more in line with Man Is the Bastard / Bastard Noise than the Crossed Out-influenced style that most modern bands try to cop. So if that's your bag I'd recommend picking this up, because you know Iron Lung is only going to bring you the best of the best.

Tags: 10s grind/pv noisy