Deformity: S/T 7"

Katorga Works Records


I've been looking forward to this EP from NYC's Deformity for a while, and man does it deliver! I feel like no one talks about Deformity nearly as much as the other NYC bands and I don't really understand why... well, actually I understand exactly why... they're freaking weird! Yeah, they're raw as hell and have the gnarly hardcore element that so many of the bands from that city have, but there's so much more than that as well. First and foremost is Shiva's inspired guitar playing... there was a bit of that on the Ivy 12" that he also played on, but the stuff on this Deformity EP is just completely out of control... it's almost like if Jimi Hendrix was really into Confuse, or maybe if Bob Mould had gotten really into Siege and Deep Wound after Husker Du recorded Metal Circus. The recording on this thing is also completely over the top... just as noisy and raw as anything from the Japanese noise-punk scene like Zyanose or Isterismo, but whereas many noisy hardcore bands have little to offer musically, this one is just bursting with ideas. Everyone who reads the stuff I write on this site knows that I love all of the NYC bands, but this EP is something special... highest possible recommendation!

Tags: 10s new york noisy nyc punk raw recommended