Deformity: Demo Cassette

Toxic State Records


Deformity didn't storm out of the gate like a lot of the other NYC / Toxic State bands... their earlier releases were solid, but lacked a little something. However, the band has continued to grow and evolve, and after they had my favorite song on last year's Ground Zero Hardcore comp LP on Toxic State I was stoked to hear what they would do next. This new tape definitely fulfills the promise of that material, with raw, blistering hardcore punk that has a bit of the swagger of Stooges-influenced garage without any of the flaming hot rod bs that mars a lot of that genre. It's a similar sensibility to Hank Wood in that this kind of sounds garage but also clearly isn't garage... it just has all of the catchiness and drive of early punk. Highly recommended.

Tags: 10s hardcore new york noisy recommended