Defiant Pose #8 zine + Rema-Rema 7äó?



Latest issue of this great UK zine... they don't really make them like this (at least not too much) anymore... an old-school music fanzine with a totally cut-and-paste layout and real depth to the content. This time around you get interviews with Rema-Rema, Heretics, Stench, Cervix, and Blood & Roses. However, the real treat here is a 7" featuring unreleased material from first-wave UK post-punk band Rema Rema. The 7" is totally rad... simple, heavy drum machine punk that has a bit of the anarcho vibe of bands like the Mob, but with the pulsing, almost dance-y vibe of the Normal or Killing Joke. The production, though, is raw and the bass sound in particular is really heavy, making this a lot more aggressive and punk than a lot of other stuff in this vein.

Tags: 10s 70s post-punk uk zines