Decay After Death: System F***ing Bastards 7"

Cowabunga Records

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Description from Cowabunga Records:

The newest output from this Hammond,Indiana anarchist HC punk band. Took a little while to come out for reasons I don't fully understand (apart from a 1st set of rejected & destroyed test presses that then delayed a new set for a month) but the delays are finally over and their newest record will now see the light of day. The 1st EP was amazing but the look about it turned a lot of people off, so I can only hope the cover for my record which isn't pixelated will dispell any negativity (which should have been minor at best) people had about the band prior. Musically, this record is more PUNK and a little less rockin' then the 1st one but still what I call a 'traditional DxAxDx record'. If I had to make comparisons, I'd say this one where a generic description is still apt- Varukers and Discharge crossed w early Inepsy, GBH, Guns N Roses, Burning Spirits style Japanese HC and Violent Society with slight midwestern flair.
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