Deathly Eye: Weird Tales of Terror cassette

Overdose Records


Deathly / Blazing Eye team up for a Halloween-themed cassette featuring spooky samples and a ton of classic punk covers!

Our take: Six-song cassette from this group that features members of both Deathly and Blazing Eye, groups who, confusingly, also share members with one another and have a relatively similar sound. Weird Tales of Terror is a covers EP that mostly concentrates on UK82-era material, updating those songs in the signature Blazing Eye / Deathly style. When you describe it like that it makes this sound like a throwaway release, but I promise that it isn't... the songs are well-selected and performed and recorded super well, and despite the fact that the band didn't write any of these songs it all seems to hang together really well as a cohesive and even original release. If you've been following every move from the Blazing Eye camp (and if you aren't you should be!) this is one you won't want to miss. Perhaps not the single most essential recording from that camp, but highly worthwhile nonetheless.
Tags: 10s los angeles pogo punk recommended UK82