Death Wish: S/T 12"

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Official reissue of this long-lost classic of Boston hardcore. Three of the songs originally surfaced as a semi-official (I believe?) 7" on the Armory Arms label in 1989, then was later "reissued" again on Lost & Found with some bad, really 90s-looking artwork. However, this was originally recorded in 1983 during the peak of the first wave of Boston hardcore, and it sounds like it... the debt to local bands like SSD and DYS is clear, but Death Wish are way faster than those bands. They don't quite reach Deep Wound levels of speed, but it's nearly there and without losing any of the intensity that all of the first-wave bands shared. The production on this one is powerful--right up there with Get It Away--and this official reissue sounds like a dream... I must have listened to this 6 times in a row when I first put it on my turntable. Even if you happen to have one of those highly sought-after Armory Arms 7" you'll still need this because it includes the 7-track session in its entirety. "Break the Chains" is still the standout (hence the fact that its appeared on lots of Killed by Hardcore-type compilations), but the other songs are nearly as good. I know people have complained about the minimal packaging on this, but when the music is this good and the fidelity is this strong you don't need to add a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.
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