Death Angel: Frolic Through the Park 12" (new)

Metal Blade Records


In 1986 a Death Angel demo produced by Kirk Hammett (Metallica) titled Kill As One sparked the interest of Enigma Records. Then, in 1987, Death Angel's debut The Ultra-Violence was released. Drummer Andy Galeon was just 14 years old at the time while the rest of the band was still under 20. Pegged as the runts of the Bay Area thrash metal scene, Death Angel quickly silenced most critics with an ambitious full-frontal assault on the ears which wonderfully encapsulated the group's youthful energy. Another innovative recording, Frolic Through the Park, followed in 1988, marking Death Angel's evolution both lyrically and musically. Album anchor "Bored" not only highlighted the cutting-edge band's inventive dynamics, but won a spot on MTV's Headbanger's Ball and was featured in the 1990 movie Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. The explosive 10-track set also includes a cover version of Kiss' "Cold Gin."
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