Dead Serious: It's What You Can't See 12"

Mind Rot Records

$3.00 $10.50

Reissue of the 2002 CD-only full-length from this Richmond band, on vinyl for the first time. I remember seeing Dead Serious quite a bit when I lived in Richmond in the late 90s / early 00s. They came out very much on the tail end of the late 90s straight edge revival, and by that point I was kind over that scene and didn't pay them much mind, but here and now they sound pretty good. Clearly influenced by late 80s sXe bands, Dead Serious take influence from the more melodic bands of that style, including Turning Point, (fellow Richmonders) Count Me Out, and early Fastbreak (seriously, this LP sounds almost exactly like the Don't Stop Trying EP, only with better drumming). If you dig the high-energy, catchy sXe HC of the previously mentioned bands give this a listen. Mind Rot Records

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