Dead Hunt: Demo cassette

Rust and Machine Records


So I guess this new Portland band features a whole bunch of ex-members-of, but forget all of that because this straight up RIPS on its own merit. I think that if I lived in Portland and Dead Hunt and Long Knife opened every single show (oh, and throw Pressing On in there as well!) I would never get bored. Like Long Knife, Dead Hunt's main inspiration seems to be mid-period Poison Idea, i.e. from War on the Time until Feel the Darkness or so. The rhythms are right in the pocket and pretty much mandate headbanging and fist-pumping, but the thing to write home about is that scorching lead guitar. The real gem as far as that goes is the first song, which is a total face-melter with an almost NWOBHM vibe to the solo. Basically, if you like Long Knife you need to hear this... definitely one of the best demos of 2015 so far!
Tags: 10s D-beat hardcore portland punk recommended