Dead Hero / Secta: Split 12" (new)

DiscosMMM Records


Split 12" from Bogota, Colombia's finest: SECTA and DEAD HERO. SECTA (formerly Secta Suicida) are back with their classic Spanish punk sound, though this time adding more hardcore (think LAMA) and dark post-punk tones. DEAD HERO is great female-fronted oi/punk. Reports say that both bands stole the show at this year's VARNING FROM MONTREAL fest! 330 pressed with 130 available in the US from Discos MMM. Co-released with Rat Trap Records from Bogota. Features artwork by Alexander Heir housed in a DIY gatefold jacket. This thing looks amazing.

Our take: Man, this 12" SMOKES! I have to say, it kind of appalls me that only 130 copies of this record were imported for the US market. Are we really living in a world where music this killer will only sell just over 100 physical copies in our entire country? Of course all splits are, in some sense, a battle, and for me I think that Dead Hero slightly edges out Secta. We carried Dead Hero's demo a while back and that was pretty poppy oi!, but these tracks on the 12" are grittier, tougher, and pretty much nail my absolute favorite style of oi! The lady vocalist makes this sound a little poppier than recent touchstones like Rixe, but rest assured this is very much in the same vein and rips just as hard. As for Secta, their side is killer as well. It's a little more punk-sounding, reminding me quite a lot of Ruleta Rusa, and if they don't quite have the pop songwriting chops of Dead Hero I think they make up for it in aggression and the catchiness of their riffs. Killer artwork on this too... so take the plunge and become one of the 130 lucky souls in the United States to own this ripper.
Tags: 10s hardcore oi! punk raw recommended spanish-language