Dead Bod: S/T 7"

Menial Fare Records

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Killer four song punk EP from Salt Lake City. Singer reminds me of Gary Floyd.

Our take: Four-song single from this band out of Salt Lake City. According to the back cover this was recorded way back in 2012, but we're only just now getting copies. To me, this has a very, very 90s vibe... it seems like something Maximumrocknroll would have gone nuts over back in the late 90s when labels like Estrus and Rip Off were pretty much the be-all and end-all of punk, as it has some of that hi-octane rock and roll sensibility that I associate with New Bomb Turks and the countless bands they inspired. It also reminds me of one particular 90s band in that their singer sounds a lot like Serge from the Goons, but that reference will almost certainly be lost on anyone who isn't around 35 years old and didn't spend their late teens and/or early 20s within a couple hundred miles of DC (hi Ryan Leary!). I should also say that while this does have a certain 90s punk sensibility about it, it doesn't sound retro in the slightest; in fact, if it sounded more retro it would probably sound more like a record from 2015, but instead it seems like a frozen-in-amber artifact, and any of one of these tracks could have fit comfortably on the Destroy All Art compilation (AKA the Killed by Death of the 90s). Not the most fashionable sound in the world by any means, but this is a blistering little slab of punk nonetheless.
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