DD Owen: S/T 12"

12XU Records


On the heels of an impressive pile of records under the Sick Thoughts, Chicken Chain and LSDOGS monikers, 19 year old Drew Owen left Baltimore, decamped to New Orleans and recorded his first 12" under the DD Owen imprimatur, 8 songs that reflect a new-found maturity, songcraft, enhanced production values and deeply sophisticated worldview.

Alright, at least the part about the record being 8 songs long isn't a total fucking lie.

Our take: Debut 12" from this new moniker for Drew Owen, who you may also know as Sick Thoughts, Chicken Chain, or several other things. It seems like every time he puts out a record, no matter what name its under, I'm always surprised by how good it is... I should just get it through my head that this guy can write a fuckin' song. I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about Sick Thoughts' last single on Total Punk, but this DD Owen 12" is definitely my favorite thing that he's done so far. As with some of his other releases, the influence of Jabbers-era GG Allin seems very much apparent (especially on "Degenerate"), but on these songs Drew really pushes the power-pop end of things. Sure, there are lyrics like "give me head until you're dead" and "I should have been aborted," but there are also moments that are downright gentle, like the delicate, haunting synth line toward the end of "Low Life Baby." And then there's "Going Away," which has this combination of ferocity with a genuinely epic sweep that reminds me quite a bit of Blood Visions. I've played these eight songs to death over the past week, and my fascination with this record doesn't appear to be waning. If you've been into anything Drew has done before this is a must-buy, but this 12" is great enough that even if you didn't like his earlier stuff you may want to give it a listen. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s bf16 garage punk raw recommended