Day Creeper: Raging Beast 7"


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Debut EP by this Columbus, OH band who play the kind of high-energy, catchy rock and roll that human beings have been making throughout the rock era and will probably continue to be making for the forseeable future. Nowadays this stuff is probably called "garage rock" and comes under the purview of people who read Terminal Boredom, but if this had come out in 1977 it would have been called punk, if it came out in 1985 it'd be college rock, and if it came out in 1995 it'd be called indie. You can hear elements of everything from the Nuggets comps to the Jam to Guided by Voices. That's not meant as a slight... like those bands, Day Creeper sound both of their time and completely timeless, and these four songs are memorable, interesting, and rockin'. Self-released

Tags: 10s garage melodic USA