David Vassalotti: Broken Rope 12"

Wharf Cat Records

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“"Tampa's Merchandise have a decade of artful hardcore and experimental pop under their belts-- but the devastating solo output of guitarist Dave Vassalotti is their best kept secret." - PITCHFORK

Our take: Astute readers will recognize David Vassalotti's name only only from his band projects like Cult Ritual and Merchandise, but also from the highly underrated solo LP that he released on the Vinyl Rites label back in 2011. Of his previous projects that is probably the most relevant, though if you liked the more expansive, experimental sound of the early Merchandise releases this will also probably appeal to you (at least much more than their recent work). Maybe it's just because this is a guy I know from bands doing a solo thing, but I think the overall tone of this record reminds me a lot of various "band dudes gone solo" records from throughout the decades, most importantly Brian Eno's early stuff and Colin Newman's solo records from the 80s. Like those records, there's a mix here of more experimental / ambient type stuff and song-oriented material, as well as a general vibe of unrestrained creativity. There's a joy here in shifting radically between different sonic palettes and different songwriting modes from track to track, and it really is infectious for the listener. While I wasn't a huge fan of the last Merchandise album, if you loved that combination of pop, dance, ambient, and DIY sensibility that united much of the output from Tampa 5 or so years ago this is a real throwback to that and without a doubt one of the finest records to come from that scene.
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