Dave Rata: Hallucigenia 12"

Bat Shit Records


Solo project from Dave from Ratas del Vaticano. Fans of Ratas del Vaticano will find this to be an essential record as the vibe is pretty much the same as for the full band stuff, but with a few differences. Basically, this just feels like a somewhat more adventurous take on the raw, catchy, and passionate punk that Ratas del Vaticano already do. For his solo stuff, Dave might be more apt to use a drum machine, drop in a more mellow track, or even lean more heavily on a new wave-ish melody, but if you dig the great songwriting, aggression, and raw sound of Ratas del Vaticano you absolutely need this as well. A killer layout by Yecal from Inservibles just makes it even better. Bat S*** Records

Tags: 10s garage goth-punk Latin America melodic noisy