Data Control: S/T 7"

Signaler Frí«n Ovan

$4.00 $8.50

Debut single from this Swedish band that features members of Thurneman and Negative Lifestyle. I think this is probably the most fully-realized of any of these projects (though I am partial to the Thurneman single I released!). There's nearly as much music on this 7" as on most bands' LPs, and it's all super varied and interesting. The base is probably jittery hardcore something along the lines of <i>Everything Falls Apart</I>-era Husker Du, but like I said there are a lot of unexpected changes, melodies, and even a little jittery garage-style piano on one track. Like everything on SFO this one is severely limited, so check this out while you can.

Tags: 10s melodic scandinavia sweden ushc