Dark Times: Give 12"

Sheep Chase Records


KILLER debut LP from this Norweigan punk band. Dark Times play hard-hitting punk that's dense, catchy, propulsive, and basically everything that I want from great punk rock. There are elements of a lot of different sounds at work... it's heavy, fast, and raw like the best 90s garage punk (I'm thinking of things like Teengenerate and the Registrators), but it's also really melodic, almost verging on pop-punk in places (though, as with similar bands like Tenement and even my own band, No Love, I'm resistant to calling this pop-punk because it doesn't suck). There are a lot of bands who go for this classic, anthemic punk sound, but Dark Times are honestly one of the best I've heard. They're a little grittier and nastier than Big Eyes, a bit weirder than No Love, and a bit poppier than Neighborhood Brats. Basically, though, if you like any of those bands my guess is that you will flip for this. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted gb325 norway punk recommended scandinavia yoobl