Dark Funeral: Where Shadows Forever Reign 12" (new)

Century Media Records


The relentless, oppressive speed, the hysterical screams uttering an endless litany of blasphemies, the spine-chilling melodies, the flames, the blood, Dark Funeral has continually set new standards in terms of fury and extremity. Formed back in 1993 by Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon (R.I.P.), 1996 debut The Secrets Of The Black Arts quickly turned Dark Funeral into one of the leading acts of the second wave of black metal on par with legends like Marduk, Emperor, and Darkthrone. In the ensuing years a string of truly merciless studio albums, worldwide tours, festival shows, and impressive live performances kept them not only in high demand on the live circuit but also resulted in a strong bond with a maniacal global fan-base, who supported them through thick and thin.

Now, a new aeon is about to begin with the release of Dark Funeral's sixth studio album, Where Shadows Forever Reign, produced by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth), which not only visually refers back to the aforementioned first offering due to its stunning artwork by Necrolord (Dissection, Necrophobic, Emperor), but also marks a debut of sorts: The first Dark Funeral album with new vocalist Heljarmadr (Grá). His vitriolic snarl finds a perfect match in Lord Ahriman's trademark riffing, and shines on the intense opening track, which would not have felt out of place on 1998's Vobiscum Satanas, as well as on the slower epic, "As I Ascend," the diverse "To Carve Another Wound," or the grim finale "Where Shadows Forever Reign."

It's no surprise its creator, band leader Lord Ahriman, is extremely satisfied with his newest release: "We are back! This is by far our most professional, technical, dynamic, and epic album so far. Compared to our previous albums, each new song offers a unique spirit and identity that is more profound than ever. We are extremely eager to unleash this monster upon the world!" Rewarding their fans to the fullest with an incredibly strong new album burning with passion and determination, Dark Funeral shall celebrate a triumphant return...in the sign of the horns.
Tags: 10s black metal metal