Dads: Invisible Blouse 7"

Wharf Cat Records

$3.00 $7.00

New pressing of this single from the same Tampa scene that birthed bands like Cult Ritual, Merchandise, Neon Blud, etc. Of those bands, Merchandise is probably the best reference point, as Dads seem similarly inspired by the long tradition of British guitar pop that is at least vaguely Smiths-inspired, and they also have a lot of reverb on their vocals. However, this is quite noisy, particularly in the vocal department, so it hardly goes down as sweet as Merchandise's most palatable tracks... it's sort of like if you took an entire hour-long Sonic Youth LP and distilled it down to 6 or 7 minutes that you actually want to listen to.

Tags: 00s gb325 indie melodic noisy raw yoobl