D-Clone: Creation and Destroy 12"

540 Records


Debut LP from these Japanese noise punks, and holy crap does it deliver! My opinion is that "noise punk" as a genre is essentially played out at this point, but Creation and Destroy so fully transcends the genre that you don't even give a thought to the legions of crappy blogspot crust bands out there. In fact, I'd hesitate to label this "crust" at all... while there's a similarity to bands like Extreme Noise Terror, the connections to the Discharge template are tenuous at best... while crust bands tend to be conservative in their sound, this feels like the perfect meld of brutal yet inventive avant-garde music and over-the-top hardcore intensity. In a word, this is an utterly singular LP. Highly recommended! Comes in a gorgeous "tip-on" jacket and includes a HUGE 24"x36" poster. 540 Records

Tags: 10s D-beat Japan noise punk noisy