Cuntz: Cooked 7"

Total Punk Records


The latest missive from the Total Punk camp is another band from the seemingly endless well of great current garage-punk bands out of Australia. Cuntz don't really sound like any of the other bands I know from Australia at the moment... the label's description compares them to Venom P. Stinger, who I've honestly never listened to (I should get on that), but I'm hearing something that sounds like it's in the tradition of heavily sarcastic early 80s punk. I feel like if you put Flipper and the Feederz in the blender and then added in a dash of a circa 1980 bootleg from the Fall you'd have something like this single. It's very short and is over before you know it, but that only means that you'll keep flipping it over again and again. If you're buying every Total Punk release, Cuntz certainly won't be the reason you stop.

Tags: 10s australia/nz garage post-punk punk