Cum: Success 7" (new)

Televised Suicide Records


CUM knocked Australia on their ass in 2014, releasing an amazing demo (FUCK COPS), now they’re back with 6 more songs of the same furious hardcore punk they’ve become very popular for!

Our take: Debut 7" from this Australian hardcore band, and while the band name and artwork had me thinking "slime punk," this is some mean, nasty, and noisy hardcore. I like that Cum seem to have digested a bunch of different strands of hardcore and incorporated them into their sound. I hear little bits of Out Cold's combination of subtle technicality and sheer brutality, the demented pogo of Austin bands like Strutter and Glue, and a lot of Gay Kiss and Nasa Space Universe's expansive, almost psychedelic take on hardcore punk. It's a winning combination and these songs hit hard and go deep. I dare say United Mutation super fans will also find a lot to like here. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s australia hardcore punk recommended USHC yoobl