Cultes des Ghoules: Henbane 12"

Hell's Headbangers Records


From Hell's Headbangers: "Arcane rituals, medieval devil worship, black blood spilling forth, screams from the abyss both nameless and numerous...CULTES DES GHOULES unleash their second full-length spell,ξHenbane. Five years on from their classic debut album,ξHaxan, the mysterious Polish cult take the sulphurous, swirling gnarliness they've plied on their splits in the interim - and particularly on the precedingξSpectres Over TransylvaniaMLP - and drag it deeper into the eldritch depths. Both more compositionally advanced and more primitive than all previous, vocals ranging throats both ghoulish and diseased, and still with the most overpowering, bass-driven sound around: CULTES DES GHOULES make their grandest, most garish statement yet with the epicHenbane. Listening to this just once, you'll be damned for all eternity..."

Tags: 10s europe metal poland