Culprit: demo cassette

Quality Control HC


RAGING UKHC ala late 80s NYHC. Culprit's demo shows members of Shrapnel transitioning their songwriting from Breakdown/Raw Deal to Sheer Terror and Killing Time territory. This is gonna make you drop that two step like no other. FFO: Shrapnel, Killing Time, Sheer Terror, NWOBHC

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band out of Leeds, UK on the estimable Quality Control HC label. While I tend to associate that label with the whole NWOBHC thing going on with bands like Arms Race and Violent Reaction, Culprit have a bit more 90s in their system than I would expect. It's a total New Breed compilation-type sound with heavy mosh parts and blistering fast parts, but replacing the super raw production of most of those bands with something cleaner and heavier. If you're into modern bands that play in the style of Absolution, Breakdown, and Outburst this is going to be right up your alley.
Tags: 10s hardcore nyhc sxe uk yoobl