Crux / Crash: Split 12"

Vomito Punk Rock Records


This split 12" features two classic and oft-forgotten EPs from legendary and rather unheralded English punk bands. The Crash's "Fight For Your Life" delivers a straightforward punk sound while Crux's "Keep On Running" pounds out four oi anthems. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Our take: Alright, one of the best and hardest to find records on the No Future label is finally back in print! It took me years to find an original of this, but now you can enjoy these killer tunes easy as pie. The real gem here is Crux, who bash out what I consider to be four of the best oi! tunes ever written. Basically, in my opinion there are two flavors of oi!: the more melodic stuff and the gruffer, more driving stuff. Some bands like Blitz are able to effectively bounce back and forth between the styles, but Crux are one of the few bands I've ever heard who can mix them into one hybrid style that combines the best elements of both. Basically, if you have any interest at all in oi! music you should probably be familiar with these four tracks... they're just killer. As for the Crash, their contributions are definitely solid and if their four tracks were a stand-alone EP it would still be well worth your time, but they're just a bit blown away by Crux. Oh, and apparently this re-release is limited, so don't sleep if you're interested.
Tags: 80s oi! reissues UK