Cruelster / Putrid Cause: Split 7"

Turbine Piss Records


4 new songs from Cleveland's Cruelster. As I covered when I talked about their previous 12", even though I don't think that this band is connected to the whole Inmates / Cider / etc. scene they definitely have the same sense of wildness as lots of those bands... totally unhinged, go-for-the-throat hardcore that doesn't let up at all whatsoever. This honestly sounds like something that could be on one of those Killed by Hardcore comps... totally old-school, nasty hardcore punk. As for Putrid Cause, they have kind of a dirgier, nastier sound... it's still hardcore, and except for the few occasions where they speed up it definitely creeps along at more of a sinister, Fang-esque pace. Photocopied covers, random mix color vinyl... this is the kind of total DIY hardcore 7" you rarely see anymore.

Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore midwest punk raw