Cruelster: Potatoe Boys 12"

Root of Evil Records


Debut LP from this hardcore band out of Cleveland, OH. I get the impression that these guys don't have much to do with the whole Clevo / Now That's Class scene that most people who look at this site probably associate with Cleveland, but I bet those dudes would probably like this band. Like a lot of Cleveland bands, there's a kind of omnivorous approach to punk at work here... there are elements of classic US hardcore, UK82, and maybe a dash of oi! at work in Cruelster's sound, which basically means that this is fast, hard, and catchy all the way through but doesn't sound like it's trying to ape any band or sound. The recording is very rough and DIY and I'm sure some people will hate it, but those of you who like their USHC a bit on the raw side will love it. If you still find yourself listening to Direct Control's demo tape this appeals to a very similar sensibility I think without being so totally retro. Anyway, a very cool slice of regional DIY hardcore.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest raw ushc