Crude: Corner 12"

La Familia Records


Brand new 12" from this long-running and killer Japanese hardcore band. Anyone who saw this band live on their recent US tour knows how hard they rip, and this 12" keeps it up. This time around, though, they have some really bizarre production, akin to a more polished version of the sound they had on the Axis of Wolves split record. The bass is right up front and sounds dense and crushing... blowing out and taking up most of the dynamic range of the recording, while the guitar hovers far in the background and the garagey snare sound drives everything. As always, the sound is mega-tight Japanese hardcore with virtuosic playing and tons of bizarre twists and turns in the songwriting. Like the later Gauze stuff, the songs jerk back and forth in ways that barely make sense but still just work. An absolute ripper, and with f***ing killer artwork too. La Familia Records

Tags: 10s burning spirits Japan