Crucified Mortals / Exorcism: Split 7"

Hell's Headbangers Records

$2.00 $7.50

From Hell's Headbangers: "Keeping the faith, CRUCIFIED MORTALS and EXORCISM team up for a quick-hitting split 7". Following on from their self-titled debut album on HELLS HEADBANGERS in 2011, Cleveland nasties CRUCIFIED MORTALS deliver two of their strongest & meanest tracks yet - exclusive to this release, a hard-charging tank of pure mid-'80s metal darkness! And speaking of darkness, Germany's cellar-dwellers EXORCISM deliver two tracks of rotten, red-eyed death metal as if the '80s never ended - also exclusive to this split! Features killer artwork from Mark Riddick in a folding cover - all copies pressed on ultra-clear vinyl with a heavy black splatter!"

Tags: 10s death metal europe gb325 metal yoobl