Crown Court: Trouble From London Cassette (US Press)

Mind Rot Records


Demo tape from this new London band originally released on the impeccable Quality Control HC label. This isn't really HC, but it definitely keeps with the theme of quality control because it absolutely rules. Crown Court are an oi! band, but it seems like most of the bands with an oi!-influenced sound these days tend to mix that influence with American hardcore (think Violent Future, Violent Reaction, etc.); however, Crown Court are straight up, melodic oi!. They bear more than a passing resemblance to a certain band who started as a great rootsy rock band and later turned into the most famous bonehead band in the world (hint: they're named after a common tool)... there's definitely some rocked-out riffing and leads, and the vocals are just perfect... hoarse and catchy, belting out simple melodies you can chant on your next trip down to the football stadium. The oi! trend is definitely starting to run a little dry, but this is completely different and wholly invigorating. Highly recommended.

Tags: 10s hardcore oi! punk recommended UK