Crown Court: The English Disease 7"

Rebellion Records


The CROWN COURT invasion continues as we are proud to present the band’s brand new single “THE ENGLISH DISEASE” for REBELLION RECORDS! Although still a very young band, these guys know how to ‘ruck and roll’ and come out swingin’ while bottles are flyin’ with another three bootboy anthems for the sick and diseased!

Our take: Third release from this top-notch London oi! band and they show no signs of slowing down. While I was over the moon about this band's demo, I thought the vocals were a bit low in the mix on the Ruck and Roll 7", and while I still love that record I think that The English Disease bests it handily. A mix that better highlights the vocals is a big part of that, but I also hear the band expanding their sound in subtle ways, like the surf-y guitar solo on the standout track, "We Made You." Basically, Crown Court are still the gold standard for modern oi! music, with absolutely none of the modern street punk (read: pop-punk) influence of so many modern bands that fly the oi! banner. It's definitely been fashionable over the past few years to rep oi! music, but Crown Court's take on the pub-rooted sound of catchy early UK is as authentic and exciting as it gets. In other words, if you liked their earlier stuff (and you probably did!) this is essential listening.
Tags: 10s oi! recommended uk