Crown Court: Ruck and Roll 7"

Longshot Music


Debut vinyl from this new traditional UK oi! band featuring members of Violent Reaction, Arms Race, DiE, and many others. No hardcore here, though, just fist-pumping traditional British oi!.

Our take: Man, I just can't get over how good this band is... I raved about their demo tape (which was one of my favorite releases of 2014), and I couldn't be more stoked to have some vinyl from them. If you haven't heard of Crown Court, they're a traditional oi! bands from London featuring members of Violent Reaction, Arms Race, The Love Triangle, Shitty Limits, and many, many others. I mentioned their primary inspiration when I talked about their outstanding demo tape and that remains the case for Ruck and Roll, but on the whole this EP is a little faster, careening along at near-hardcore tempos while retaining the catchy pub rock riffs and memorable vocals of the demo. This band has a lot going for them, but I dare say their secret weapon is Tim's drumming... I just love everything he plays on, and along with Bobby from Brain F≠ and Wymyns Prysyn he is probably my favorite punk drummer. Anyway, this is pretty much essential listening... highest possible recommendation, and unless this band puts out something that's even better I'm pretty sure it'll be on my year-end best-of list.
Tags: 10s melodic oi! recommended uk