Crown Court: Capital Offense 12"

Katorga Works Records


More trouble from London from the UK's premier contemporary Oi! unit. After unleashing a slew of powerful singles, each one better than the last, these chaps effortlessly demonstrate why they're so highly rated with their debut LP, Capital Offence. Crown Court transcends all contemporary trappings of the genre with a truly classic sound and firmly establish themselves as the world's premier Oi! band with this monolith of an album, which stands as a modern classic.

Our take: I was pretty over the moon about Crown Court from day one, but I feel like each of their releases was a little bit less exciting than the last. I'm not sure if it's just that the whole retro oi! field is getting more crowded or what, but as of late Crown Court perhaps haven't felt like the game-changer that they once were. This LP, however, does take some steps toward remedying that. I was a bit worried that the band were a one-trick pony, but Capital Offense spreads out and breathes quite a bit, experimenting with different tempos and textures and basically showing that there's more to this band than pub rock riffs and chanting choruses. In particular, the track "Thames Sake" seems like a real risk for the band, being much more overtly melodic and pop-oriented than any of their previous tracks. I'm particularly impressed that the band put it in a privileged position at the end of side A, which hopefully indicates that they'll continue growing in different directions rather than rehashing the same formula. I mean, there's still plenty of bruising oi! numbers on this one, but at the same time it points forward toward something that might be even better than what they are now. I've gotten plenty of spins out of this already and I'm sure it would kick up plenty of dust at any gathering of skinheads, but for me what it really does is make me super curious about the next Crown Court record.
Tags: 10s oi! recommended uk