Crow: Last Chaos 12"

euro import


Euro fan club pressing of Crow's classic 12". Limited to 333 copies, with three inserts and a patch, plus a bonus poster not included in original edition!!!

Our take: Fan club reissue of Crow's 1987 LP, apparently from the same source that recently re-did the Who Killed Dove 7", as this one is reproduced with similar care and attention to detail. I will forever maintain that Crow are a band who got much, much better with age and that their last material is without a doubt their best, but that's not to say that their earlier material isn't worth hearing. If nothing else it's of huge historical importance, as they're one of the few bands who seem to really bridge the gap between the early Japanese punk sound typified by bands like G-Zet and Aburadako and the emerging raw punk aesthetic that would reach full fruition with bands like Disclose and Framtid. The latter two bands would update and modernize Discharge's formula, but during this period Crow were perhaps most interesting for how they didn't quite sound like Discharge... the thin, uneven mix that gives so many early Japanese punk records their charm is very much present here, and while it keeps them at arm's length from the blunt force of Discharge's best work, it's still a distinctive and interesting articulation of the style. As with the reissue of Who Killed Dove, this reissue takes pains to recreate the original meticulously, including the multiple inserts and patch that were included in original copies. Like I said, if you're curious about Crow I would start with their Prank releases, but if you're into early 80s Japanese punk this is must-hear stuff.
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