Criminal Damage: Call of Death 12"

Feral Ward Records


So, a new Criminal Damage LP... I have to admit that I was curious about what this would sound like in the year 2013, when every hardcore kid and his brother has an "oi!" band, but listening to this I'm reminding that Criminal Damage really are mining an entirely different end of the oi! subgenre than the more aggro sound that bands like Violent Future or even Savagaheads are. Ironically, it all seems to stem from Blitz, but whereas most hardcore-ish bands go for the "Never Surrender" sound, Criminal Damage have always gone for more of a (new wave-less) "New Age"-type sound, albeit mixed in with even more '77 / pub rock vibes. Call of Death in particular is on more of a Slaughter and the Dogs / Menace kind of vibe, but with that signature Portland darkness. This time around there's a hair more polish in the recording, but rest assured this is the CrimDam you know and love. Highly recommended. Feral Ward Records

Tags: 10s melodic oi! USA