Criminal Code: Solitude / Days End 7"

Forward Records


Criminal Code are back again with another slaying single for your ears to vibe.

Our take: If memory serves, Criminal Code were one of the first bands doing the whole Wipers-inspired post-punk thing, and while that approach was fresh at the time, the field of similar bands has since become extremely crowded. However familiar this sound may be, in my book the two things I think that any band needs to do in order to do this sound well is 1. keep things poppy and 2. keep things punk. Criminal Code do an admirable job with both here. In particular, they have some really great lead guitar melodies, particularly on the a-side, "Solitude." While they're not as aggressive as some bands playing this style, both songs are up-tempo and have a bounce that's maybe a hair behind, say, the Chameleons, but keeps things fairly propulsive without sounding like it's The Sound of Music or something like that. Like I said, this whole sound has been teetering on the edge of totally played out for a while now, but Criminal Code still sound good to my ears.
Tags: 10s melodic post-punk