Criaturas: Espiritu de Libertad 12"

Residue Records


New LP from one of my absolute favorite bands in the world, Texas's Criaturas! This is pretty much the follow-up any Criaturas fan would want after Oscuridad Eterna. It has everything that made that album great--the blistering tempos, the wild yet melodic solos, and Dru's unmistakable vocals--but everything is stepped up a notch. The songs are a tad more complex, the recording is better (with a clearer, more powerful bottom end) and the band deploys a few new tricks here and there that keep the old heads interested. It's rare enough for a hardcore band to put out one good LP, but Criaturas now have two truly standout long players... highest possible recommendation. Residue Records

Tags: 10s D-beat female-fronted USA USHC yoobl