Cretins: Meat 7"

Deranged Records


CRETINS rear their ugly heads yet again with six new cuts of destructive hardcore punk on "Meat". This is a completely savage recording that harnesses the pure hatred of Poison Idea and depraved genius of Cleveland's finest into one crushing EP. This is not the safe, easygoing, or experimental garbage that has crept into HC punk in recent years. CRETINS' approach here is simple - hard hitting and forceful songwriting with lyrics that espouse a clear distaste for humanity. Executed much faster and tighter than previous material, if there's one CRETINS release to end it all to, "Meat" surely wins out.

Our take: New EP from Richmond's best, most underrated hardcore band. What is there to say about this record, really? It's not exactly innovative, but it is one of the meanest, nastiest, and most explosive hardcore records in a while. For all of the anger expressed in the lyrics and attitude, nowadays hardcore rarely sounds as mean as Cretins do on this record. They're a band that sounds hungry, like they're playing for a reason other than just to impress their friends. There's some je ne sais quoi that separates truly authentic-sounding hardcore bands from those who just don't have it, and whatever that special thing that makes a meat-and-potatoes hardcore band really, really good is, Cretins have it. Absolutely essential if you like classic-sounding USHC.
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