Cretins: Collection cassette

Feel It Records


A collection tape from Richmond, VA’s CRETINS. Ripping hardcore punk in the style of golden era 80’s HC like Poison Idea, The Fix, Hated Youth, etc. Collects the nearly sold-out “S/T” 7” (Vinyl Conflict) and forthcoming “Meat” 7” (Deranged) on one handy cassette. Pro-dubbed for maximum sound quality. Cover features exclusive artwork from artist Yecatl Peña. Limited to 150 copies.

Our take: Cassette compiling the first EP (on Vinyl Conflict Records) and the upcoming EP (on Deranged Records) by this hard-touring Richmond, Virginia hardcore band. I've been well into everything Cretins has done so far, and the new EP on Deranged doesn't deviate from the formula... fast, raw, and hateful hardcore in the tradition of Pick Your King and the Negative Approach EP... if you can't wait for the vinyl this pro-duplicated cassette (which is limited to only 150 copies) will definitely tide you over.
Tags: 10s hardcore recommended richmond ushc