Crazy Spirit: S/T 7"

Toxic State Records


Another much-needed repress from Toxic State! In light of what they've become, it's almost kind of amazing that Crazy Spirit ever sounded like this. I've personally spent the most time with the demo, the LP, and the I'm Dead 7" and I kind of gave short shrift to this EP, but it's a total ripper and completely different from their other releases. This is definitely the clearest and most bottom-heavy recording the band ever got. Compared to some of their other stuff they almost sound straightforward here, but those menacing vocals and off-kilter riffs ensure that you know you're listening to a Crazy Spirit. This is really one of my favorite bands of the past decade, and you need everything they've released, so if you don't have this you know what to do...

Tags: 10s hardcore new york primitive raw