Cravats: In Toytown 12"

Overground Records

$5.00 $18.00

Official reissue of this weird British punker that originally appeared on the Small Wonder label in 1980. The Cravats were one of those bands that seem like they were associated with punk because they had a heavy, high-energy sound, but their music was coming from an artsier place than, say, Discharge or Crass or the Riot City Records roster. There's a lot of weird instrumentation here, including lots of saxophone, some synth, and other weird stuff like xylophones, but despite all of that added sonic flair these songs remain pretty stripped-down and straightforward. The Cravats remind me of X-Ray Spex in that way... the final product feels just a little bit artsy, but a hardcore band could cover one of these songs, reduce it to just the basic riff, and have a pretty ripping track. As you might expect with Overground, the packaging here is also solid, including a printed inner and a big fold-out lyric insert with lots of cool photos.

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