Crap Detectors: My Generation Compromised from Birth 12" (new)

Brain Transplant Records

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jim jacobi home recordings circa 1973-1976. 12 songs, silk screened covers, 300 pressed

Our take: Collection of home recordings from Jim Jacobi, whose work as the Crap Detectors you may know from compilations like Bloodstains Across the Midwest and Killed by Death #9, i.e. two of the greatest Killed by Death-style comps ever released. These recordings actually pre-date the punk era, coming from the years 1973-1976, and as such they don't sound punk as such, but they do clearly represent the palette of influences that must have informed the listening habits of any true rock n roll freak of the pre-punk era. In particular, the influence of Captain Beefheart seems really palpable here... a lot of these songs could be demos for Safe as Milk or Strictly Personal... at the very least they take a similar approach to fusing the influence of raw blues like Howlin' Wolf with the raucousness of the rawest 60s garage. There's also a similar vibe to a lot of the bigger home recording-based artists of the post-punk era... perhaps because it's one person composing and performing most of the music, it does remind me quite a bit of projects like the Apostles, the Homosexuals, and the Astronauts. The lack of any real punk influence may mean that this doesn't click with some of you out there, but if you are a fan of the above-mentioned bands this is a real gem and an exciting listen.
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